Established In 1951, Accessoires Leduc is one of the main suppliers for fashion and haberdashery in Europe.

The company was created by the Leduc family. It was in the past mostly known for its buttons which were its main products, and only focusing on the then prosperous Belgian fashion market.

After years of development, LEDUC J as it was known, went bankrupt due to the decrease of the fashion business. It was then brought back to life early 2015 by 2 partners.

They decided to keep the name "LEDUC" although the Leduc family was no more involved in the business. Thierry Desmidt is the current CEO of the company and one of the owners. Transformed into ACCESSOIRES LEDUC, the company focused initially mostly on the fashion sector of activity, adding new customers, enlarging the range of products (buttons became minor in the sales), and developping export sales.

In 2017, conscious that the sole fashion business would not be sufficient, Accessoires Leduc started to develop the haberdashery market, focusing mostly on sales to the wholesalers around Europe.

The development went fast and proved to be successful enough to compensate the loss of fashion customers, a sector hit hardly by globalization. Starting with Ribbings, then Webbings, adding Elastics, Buttons etc. ... The company made its name into this new sector of activity, combining tailored packaging solutions, innovation and constantly developing new products and ideas. That same year, a Spanish sales office was also set up in order to develop the sales in Spain and Portugal...

In 2018 a 3rd partner joined the capital of the company.

This Italian-based partner later bought all the shares of one of the two founders, emphasizing the internationalization...

Early 2020, Covid hit first China, then the world. The situation was extremely hard for Accessoires Leduc. The decision was made in January 2020 to start developing internet sales in order to maintain the company in good shape.

When March arrived, feeling that there could be a need for materials to make masks, the company once again adapted in order to supply as many customers as possible in Europe with what had become extremely hard to find. Having anticipated the demand, 2020 ended up being a good year for business.

This allowed the aperture of a first shop in Brussels in October 2020, as well as many investments, mostly in machines and personnel.

Accessoires Leduc increased its business with the Haberdashery sector of activity, through sales to wholesalers all over Europe, and started to develop sales online and in its shop to consumers... Still serving the fashion sector of activity albeit badly hit by the COVID crisis.

In 2021 our company was forced to abandon its shop in Boulevard Lemonnier due to the beginning of heavy road works planned for 4 years

We then focused on the development of more online sales and on our then constantly growing business with retail professionals.

2022 saw a big growth in digital sales (direct or undirect) which now count for over 50% of the turnover.

The international situation in 2021/2022 has affected a lot our retail industry customers and the few remaining fashion customers. We have kept on expanding our range of products dedicated to them and have started to participate regulary in the fashion fairs in Paris. Our move into more digital business has proven to be successful in order to compensate and our turnover kept on growing all year long.