22 meters Roll of Satin Tape 10mm Labels , Printed "Handmade"


50 Woven Labels "Handmade" Size 45x10mm


50 pieces "Handmade" Metal Tags


Roll of 500 Sticky Paper Labels "Handmade"


#HAB3000 Handmade 🤍 with Love 🤍 Wooden Buttons Box 140 pieces


Pink or Black Fabric Flower Brooch, Handmade Fabric Brooch, Wedding flower brooch, flower brooch for women's jacket 9cm#BRO1001


Brown Handmade Floral Brooch with Wooden Beads, Natural White Shells and Pin 6cm #BRO26


Three-Winged Dragonfly Patches with Strass and Pearls 13x12 cm Handmade


2x Black Bow Tie with Pearl and Strass, Handmade 40x20mm


Handmade 🤍 with Love 🤍 Wooden Buttons


PU Fake Leather "Handmade" Labels 40x15mm