Bolduc / 3mm Thin Draping Tape / Mannequin Pattern Masking Tape


Coloured Set Clip Buckles and Loop 30mm 3x #BNY3500


YKK - 80cm Nylon Zipper for Jackets - One Way Open end


Tailor's chalk powder wheel


Hook on Loop Adhesive Coins #HNL501


Plastic Thimble size M


Set of Letters/Numbers Patches to customize your Clothes, Jacket, Bags,etc., Iron-on #HAB1x009


10 Coloured Invisible Zippers 60cm


5 METERS - 40mm COLOURED Skirt Elastic #ELA2097


Black, white and Blue Shank Button with Gold 15,18 and 21mm


60 mm Brooches Double Flowers with Gold Edges and Safety Pin with Double chain


Tassel Cotton 5cm


Set of 5 Fabric Bicolor Flower Brooches / Corsage Sew-on Ø59mm #F1-02


Pair of Tie Backs Finished with a Giant Pearl of 32mm Diameter. Adjustable to maintain the curtains a maximum diameter...