3 Tassels, Viscose, Total Heigth 9cm, Tassel heigth 4cm available in many Colours


Set of 7 Fake Suede Labels - Peanut Shape - tagged "Handmade with ♥" - size40x15mm (Sew-on)


Set of 5 Fake Suede Fabric Flowers with Strass - Sew-on - Applications Ø87mm #F2-01


Set of 5 Fabric Bicolor Flower Iron-on Applications Ø77mm #F1-13


Set of 5 Fabric Bicolor Flower Iron-on Applications Ø45mm #F1-12


Set of 5 Macramé Floral Applications -Sew-on Ø75mm #F1-09


Set of 5 Voile Roses -Sew-on 100x60mm #F1-08


Set of 5 Floral Corsages / Brooches Ø11cm Brown with Ostrich Feathers #F1-07


Set of 5 Satin Flowers - Brooch / Corsage Ø81mm #F1-06


Set of 5 Felt Bicolor Flowers Sew-on Ø60mm #F1-04


Set of 5 Suede Bicolor Flowers Iron-on Ø43mm #F1-03


Set of 5 Fabric Bicolor Flower Brooches / Corsage Sew-on Ø59mm #F1-02


Set of 5 Fireflies Iron-on Patches 8*6cm Col Turquoise #F1-01


Set of 5 rolls of Iron on Denim or Fabric Repair Patch Rolls 5 COLOURS - 2 Options


Set of 3 Metallic Tassels with Chain col. Silver 35+7cm


20 Colourful Embroided Floral Applications (sew-on) 25mm


Set of 20 Butterfly Patches, Sewing Accessories 25x25mm to sew on


Set of 6 Glitter Flowers Iron-on Patches, customize clothes and accessories 50mm


Set of 5 Gold Metalic Brooches with Safety Pin, FLOWER BROOCH 30mm


2 Floral Corsages in Tulle and Satin with Safety Pin, 6cm, Blue or Beige Color with Glitter


Set of Cute Animal Patch, DIY Patch, Animal or Pet Lover Gift, Adhesive and Iron-on#VSM2571#VSM2757


3XGold Metal Closure Buckle for bags, belts, bracelets, shoes and fashion accessories#PROM16916


Pack of 30 Iron-on Patches in Fabrics , Clothing Repair Kit for jackets, clothing, 3 sizes, 5 colors, (cafe, black,...


Multicolor Magnetic Bracelet, Sewing Pin Holder, Watchband Magnet, Pin Keeper, Wrist Pin Cushion, Sewing and Knitting Accessory


Large Fabric Flower Brooch with Strass chain, Large Flower for ceremony, Hanging accessory, BLACK color #BRO1002


Pink or Black Fabric Flower Brooch, Handmade Fabric Brooch, Wedding flower brooch, flower brooch for women's jacket 9cm#BRO1001


Silver Metal Buttons with two Holes, Flat Buttons in ZAMAK, 18MM#KZ2004


18mm- Thin Metal Zamak BUTTONS with two Holes, colour Old Silver #KZ2100


Pink iron-on flower patch, customize clothes and accessories 8cm#APP1220


Gold ZAMAk Button two holes,18MM#KZ250128


Black Polyester FLOWER BROOCH with Strass and Pin 7cm


2 hedgehog plush toys with a key ring


5 Plastic BROCHES/CORSAGE/FLOWERS, Length 7CM With Safety Pin, High Quality, Color BLACK


3xBlack Matte Flower BROOCH 10cm#BRO1000


Brown Handmade Floral Brooch with Wooden Beads, Natural White Shells and Pin 6cm #BRO26


Black and White Shiny Patch "Fashion" 20x5cm


Black and White Shiny Patch "COOL" 12x5cm


Different Colors of Tassel with Diamonds 17cm #FLO1015


Blue Patch "5" with Pearls and Strass 18x11cm #APP1163


Black Decorative Brooch with Diamond, Strass and Pin 9x7cm


Black and White Bow Tie with Strass and Pin 12x10 cm


2x Black Bow Tie with Pearl and Strass, Handmade 40x20mm


Black Bow Tie, Silver Horn with Strass and Pin 9x4cm


Set of 2 Heart Iron-on Patch with Silver Strass and Colored Diamond 6cm


Set of 2 Red Patch Mouth saying "Love" with Sequins 9x5cm


Set of 2 Red Heart Patch with Sequins 7cm


Set of 2 Star Patch with Red,White,Blue Sequins 9cm


Blue Jeans Rock Patch with Pattern, Pin, Button. 8 and 10cm set of 2


5 Black and White Bow Tie 30 and 35mm


3x Round Black Patch with Strass 55 mm


4x White Tassel with Gold Clip 5cm


2x Golden Tassel with hook 8x1cm


Kilt Pin with Strass (different colors) and Pattern of Lady 8cm#BRO2000


Three-Winged Dragonfly Patches with Strass and Pearls 13x12 cm Handmade


"LOVE" Patches Flower and Butterfly Patterns with Strass 21x9 cm


Red Patche of Owl with Sequins 24x17 cm


Set of 2 Green Patches with Sequins 26x15 cm


Black and White Shiny Patch "HAPPY" 17x6cm


6 cm-Blue or Pink Floral Patches Iron-on With Strass and Glitter Sequins


4 Shiny Strass Coloured Butterfly Patches Iron-on 66 x 43 mm


60 mm Brooches Double Flowers with Gold Edges and Safety Pin with Double chain


Black and White Iron-on Patch "PAR AMOUR AND "L'AVEUGLE"


Silver or Gold Metalic Brooches (65 mm) with Pin


9cm-Large golden pin with two pearls and golden metalic tassel


15 cm-Golden Brooches with Safety Pin Gold and Golden Floch and Clover#BRO2003


Tassel Faux Suede with Wooden Bead 7.5cm


Tassel Cotton 5cm


Turtle Wooden Brooches with Safety Pin 50mm


Set of 2 Magic Patches 23*21cm Sew On Reversible Hearts with LOVE Sequin


Set of 2 Magic Patches 23*23cm Sew On Reversible Stars Sequin


Set of 4 Cristal Brooches with Safety Pin Silver 20mm


Set of 2 Bows with Safety Pin Black with Large Strass 7*9cm


Set of 2 Lightbulb Patches Hotfix 22*15cm with Fur Pompon


Set of 2 HotFix Silver PU with Strass "Heart" You 21*17cm


Set of 2 Heart Patches with Sequins Hotfix 6*7cm


Set of 2 Lady Bug Patches with Strass Hotfix 6*4cm


Set of 2 Plastic Metallic Brooches "WOW" with Safety Pin 6cm


Set of 2 Large "5" with Pearls to sew on 18*10cm


Set of 2 Bows with Safety Pin Blue White Red with Strass 12*12cm


Set of 2 Metallic Golden Tassels 7cm with Lobster


Set of 2 small Bows with Pearl and Charms to sew on 5*3cm


Tassel Type 2


Tassel Type 3


Tassel Type 4


Tassel Type 5


Tassel Type 1


Roll of 500 Sticky Paper Labels "Handmade"


50 Woven Labels "Handmade" Size 45x10mm


22 meters Roll of Satin Tape 10mm Labels , Printed "Handmade"


PU Fake Leather "Handmade" Labels 40x15mm


50 pieces "Handmade" Metal Tags


Stuffed Animals with Pins


Set of 7 Iron On Butterfly Patches 4,4x8cm #HAB3003


Set of 14 Iron On Dinosaurs Patches 5x11cm #HAB3026


Set of Alphabet Patches #HAB1x008


3 Pairs Denim Children Elbow/Knee Patches - Iron-on - 100mm x 75mm #HAB1x003


4 Pairs Children Elbow/Knee Patches - Iron-on - Denim Base - 95mm x 70mm #HAB1x005


12.5*12.5cm Iron on Denim Repair Patch SET of 5 COLOURS #HAB3020


3 Pairs Children Elbow/Knee Patches - Iron-on - "Space" Theme - 100mm x 75mm #HAB1x002


3 Pairs Children Elbow/Knee Patches - Iron-on - 100mm x 75mm #HAB1x004