LCD Tablet 12inches (18*28cm)
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LCD Tablet 12inches (18*28cm)

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 LCD Tablet 12inches (18*28cm)


Let your child get acquainted with the technological world with the help of this LCD drawing tablet. Use this tablet to make drawings, write words or play games. Countless different creations can be made with the included pen and erased with the delete button. Erasing and wasting paper is a thing of the past with this LCD drawing tablet.

How does it work?
The secret of this LCD drawing tablet lies in the screen with the delete button. As soon as the tablet is switched on, you can write and draw on it with the supplied pen. In addition, it is good to use for practicing math or playing games. When the delete button is pressed, you can immediately start with the next creation.

Discover the advantages of an LCD drawing tablet
Children who use the tablet develop themselves in countless ways:
✅ They increase their creativity.
✅ They stimulate their motor skills.
✅ They learn playfully.

✅ They improve their writing skills.

In addition, this LCD tablet has some other advantages:
✅ Easy to carry.
✅ It is environmentally friendly.
✅ Saves money when it comes to purchasing drawing and writing gear.

Product specifications
The LCD tablet consists of a package containing the following parts:
✅ LCD Drawing Tablet.
✅ Drawing pen.
✅ Battery included.

Do you want to learn how to draw and write in a unique way and would you like to discover the LCD tablet? Order your own tablet now for endless writing and drawing fun!