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Multicolor Magnetic Bracelet, Sewing Pin Holder, Watchband Magnet, Pin Keeper, Wrist Pin Cushion, Sewing and Knitting Accessory


Large Fabric Flower Brooch with Strass chain, Large Flower for ceremony, Hanging accessory, BLACK color #BRO1002


120cm long Chain with Lobsters (3mm rings) #CHAIN536


120cm long Chain with Lobsters (5mm rings) #CHAIN535


120cm long Chain with Lobsters (8mm rings) #CHAIN534


120cm long Chain with Lobsters (5mm rings) #CHAIN533


Pink or Black Fabric Flower Brooch, Handmade Fabric Brooch, Wedding flower brooch, flower brooch for women's jacket 9cm#BRO1001


Silver Metal Buttons with two Holes, Flat Buttons in ZAMAK, 18MM#KZ2004


18mm- Silver Metal BUTTONS with two Holes, Silver Zamak Flat Buttons, Silver Metal buttons with engraved Borders#KZ2100


Pink iron-on flower patch, customize clothes and accessories 8cm#APP1220


Gold ZAMAk Button two holes,18MM#KZ250128


Black Polyester FLOWER BROOCH with Strass and Pin 7cm


5 Plastic BROCHES/CORSAGE/FLOWERS, Length 7CM With Safety Pin, High Quality, Color BLACK


3xBlack Matte Flower BROOCH 11cm#BRO1000


Brown Handmade Floral Brooch with Wooden Beads, Natural White Shells and Pin 6cm #BRO26


Ziplock Bags 12cm*16cm(+1.5cm) Resealable


Wrist Pin Cushion Floral Vintage


Set of 3 Horseshoes Magnets Vintage Red / Blue


10mt Soft Elastic Bias Binding in Polyester 18mm prefolded #ELA3600


Black Elastic with Generic Logo 40mm #ELA3523


20 meters Woven Iron-on Edge Tape 40 or 45mm


5 meters Waist-shaper Tape 10cm (10+40+40+10mm) Black or White


900mt of 0.5mm Shirring Elastic Yarn Black or White


20MT Woven LUREX PIPING / 10mm (8+2mm) #SPA1100


5 meters 30mm Amerindian Ethnic Webbing #RUB1996


10 meters Lurex Elastic 25 or 40mm #ELA1319


Mix of Printed Wooden Buttons size 15 20 or 25mm #KB2printedlot


2 x 22 meters XMAS Deluxe Double Satin Ribbon (44 meters)


20 meters Printed Elastic 25 or 40mm #ELA3520


1000mt Gutermann 100% Polyester Yarn - Perma core 120 - German Quality


2 x 5 meters Hemming Tape 25mm for Trousers Iron On


Set of 5 Jeans Buttons expanders


45 Meters Waxed Thread for Leather


Set of 4 Thimbles size M : 2 gold + 2 silver


5 Meters Green Braided Webbing 30mm #RUB3524


5 meters of Green Webbing with Arrows 30mm #RUB3523


5 Meters of Fancy Striped Webbing 30mm #RUB3525


5 meters Webbing with Multicolored Braided Patterns 50mm #RUB3518


5 meters Colored Webbing with Arrows 50mm #RUB3517


5 meters Webbing with W Shape 50mm #RUB3516


5 Meters Webbing with Geometric Retro Diamond 50mm #RUB3515


5 meters Zig Zag / Thunder Webbing 38mm #RUB3514


5 Meters of Webbing with ethnic Diamond Patterns 50mm #RUB3513


5 meters Webbing with Maya Geometric Pattern 50mm #RUB3512


5 Meters Lurex Striped Webbing with Leopard Pattern 36mm #RUB3510


5 Meters Webbing with houndstooth Pattern 38mm #RUB3509


5 Meters Webbing with Paisleys 50mm #RUB3508


5 meters Webbing with Silver Arrows 38mm #RUB3507


5 meters Webbing with Lines and Arrows 38mm #RUB3506


5 Meters Dots Pattern Webbing 38 mm #RUB3505


5 meters Webbing with Geometric Arrows 50mm #RUB1999


Black and White Shiny Patch "Fashion" 20x5cm


Black and White Shiny Patch "COOL" 12x5cm


Leather and Gold Bag Buckle Fastener 13cm


Leather Bag Buckle Fastener 14cm


Different Colors of Tassel with Diamonds 17cm #FLO1015


Black Shank Button Covered in Spiral Rope with Gold 20mm


Set of 2 Gold Belt Buckles 5x3cm


Blue Patch "5" with Pearls and Strass 18x11cm #APP1163


Black Decorative Brooch with Diamond, Strass and Pin 9x7cm


Black and White Bow Tie with Strass and Pin 12x10 cm


2x Black Bow Tie with Pearl and Strass, Handmade 40x20mm


Black Bow Tie, Silver Horn with Strass and Pin 9x4cm


Set of 2 Heart Iron-on Patch with Silver Strass and Colored Diamond 6cm


Set of 2 Red Patch Mouth saying "Love" with Sequins 9x5cm


Set of 2 Red Heart Patch with Sequins 7cm


Set of 2 Star Patch with Red,White,Blue Sequins 9cm


Blue Jeans Rock Patch with Pattern, Pin, Button. 8 and 10cm set of 2


5x Small Decorative Silver Chain 9cm


Set of 20 Gold Rings 20mm


Gold Chain with Pearl at the end 38cm


3x Round Black Patch with Strass 55 mm


4x White Tassel with Gold Clip 5cm


2x Golden Tassel with hook 8x1cm


3x Meters Ribbon with Pearls of different colors


2 Set of Gold and Black Belt Buckle with Flower Pattern 50x32 mm


Golden Round Belt Buckle with Holes 51 and 62mm


Square Button with Golden Edges and Core 20 mm


Silver Button in the Shape of a Basketball with Strass 14 and 18mm


Kilt Pin with Strass (different colors) and Pattern of Lady 8cm#BRO2000


Gold or Silver Square Shank Button with Strass inside


Gold or Silver Button with Spiral Pattern


Black Button with Gold Floral Pattern 15 and 21mm


15 mm-Marbled Brown Buttons with Gold Spiral Pattern


Three-Winged Dragonfly Patches with Strass and Pearls 13x12 cm Handmade


"LOVE" Patches Flower and Butterfly Patterns with Strass 21x9 cm


Red Patche of Owl with Sequins 24x17 cm


Set of 2 Green Patches with Sequins 26x15 cm


Black and White Shiny Patch "HAPPY" 17x6cm


6 cm-Blue or Pink Floral Patches Iron-on With Strass and Glitter Sequins


Black and white Collar Necklace with Strass Pearly 40x7 cm


4 Shiny Strass Coloured Butterfly Patches Iron-on 66 x 43 mm


60 mm Brooches Double Flowers with Gold Edges and Safety Pin with Double chain


Black and White Iron-on Patch "PAR AMOUR AND "L'AVEUGLE"


Silver or Gold Metalic Brooches (65 mm) with Pin


9cm-Large golden pin with two pearls and golden metalic tassel


120cm Gold Cord with 2 Golden Floch (7cm)


Vintage Black fabric decorative Brooch with a figure of a lady in the center with a pin - 45 mm


Gold buckle in 2 parts with gold metal hook -12 cm


gold or silver button with heart patterns

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