Scissors and Knives Sharpener
Millemetri Exclusive Dressmaker Scissors Made in Italy Right-handed models available in 21.5cm (8.5inches) and 24cm...
Unicorn Embroidery Scissors Exists in 3 colours
Kai Dressmaking Shears 25cm
Fiskars Tailor Shears 18cm
Mundial Sewing Shears 22cm with Soft Grip Plastic Handle
Mundial Forged Sewing Shears 21cm
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FISKARS Classic Universal Scissors ** Made in Finland ** High Quality Superior comfort and performance...
3 Dressmaker Scissors Gold / Silver + Rose Gold / Silver + Silver 21.6cm
PREMAX Made in Italy RINGLOCK Tailor SHEARS 10.5 inches (27cm)
PREMAX Made in Italy RINGLOCK Dressmaker SHEARS 9.5 inches (24cm)
Millemetri ANTIBACTERIOLOGICAL Scissors : Dressmaker Scissors 21cm + Embroidery Scissors 12cm ** Made in Italy...
Millemetri Dressmaker Scissors 23cm + Embroidery Scissors ** Made in Italy **
4 Hobby SCISSORS #MDB0548
YARN SCISSORS (blistered) #MDB0540
Red YARN SCISSORS (blistered) #MDB3017
 WHEEL CUTTER - MADE IN JAPAN     Ideal for  * quilting * sewing *...
Dressmaker Scissors Pink Gold / Silver 21cm   #MDB3012
Dressmaker Scissors Gold / Silver 21cm   #MDB3015
FISKARS Left-handed Universal Scissors 21cm Made in Finland Superior comfort and performance #MDB3013
BLACK CHINESE SCISSORS Very efficient multi usage scissors at a top price !
Premax scissors made in Italy 10 cm- very high precision cutting- very long lasting thread-...
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Set of 12 YARN SCISSORS (blistered)
 PREMAX PINKING SHEARS SCISSORS 23cm (9 inches) Pinking Shears MADE IN ITALY Ideal to cut Fabric (zig...